Speick Shaving Cream Review

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Pros: outstanding shaving performance, very protective and slick, excellent post-shave sensation, good value for money

Cons: scent is not to everyone's taste

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Speick is a very interesting, small family-owned company from Germany.

With a tradition of almost 90 years in the field of personal care products and using only natural ingredients,  Speick has a holistic approach that dates all the way back to its founder.

In this review we take a close look at one of my all-time favorite products, the Speick Shaving Cream.


This shaving cream is only available in a 2.5 oz tube sporting Speick’s red and blue color scheme. It’s not the cheapest shaving cream out there, but definitely falls within the more reasonably priced products.


If I were to describe the smell of the Speick shaving cream using only one word, that word would be spicy. Two words? Very spicy. It almost has a hint of menthol to it.

Speick uses Valeriana Celtica extract (also called the Speick plant) in all of their products and this particular plant is responsible for the distinctive smell. It is a classic, manly, spicy, punchy, and a bit old-fashioned fragrance.

I personally don’t care too much about it as I prefer more subtle scents, but it grew on me since I first used it. It’s often said that we remember experiences, not words, and I always associate this fragrance with the shaving experience. And as you’ll see in the performance section, it is nothing short of spectacular.


Lathering the Speick shaving cream takes very little work. I recommend starting off with a drier brush and gradually add a few drops of water as you progress. I have yet to find a cream that produces a lather as dense, slick and cushioning as this one.

One thing worth mentioning is that upon lathering, the scent is less noticeable and also doesn’t linger on the skin for too long after completing the shave. It certainly won’t clash with your after-shave cologne.


The Speick shaving cream has become a staple product in my shaving cabinet. Having used it regularly for the last 4 years or so, the results of this review come as no surprise to me. And I will say it right off the bat: it is an exceptional performer.

The review gear I used comprised the following:

  • Edwin Jagger DE89 razor
  • Edwin Jagger Best Badger Shaving Brush
  • Personna Platinum blade
  • Muhle Shaving mug


The slickness and cushioning provided by the lather are outstanding and it’s probably the most forgiving shaving cream I’ve ever used. As a result, I feel very confident when using it even with a very aggressive razor and sharp blade and I get some of my closest shaves. The razor glides effortlessly and smoothly on the skin, cutting the hairs with ease.

The post-shave sensation is wonderful, the skin feels well-hydrated and nourished, with no trace of irritation or discomfort. I cannot recommend this cream enough for men with sensitive skin or coarse facial hair.

Also, the lather stays properly hydrated and maintains its consistency for ages. I am struggling to find any negative parts with regard to its performance. It really is that good.

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The only part where this shaving cream doesn’t score a maximum number of points (at least in my book) is the scent. Some love it, others just tolerate it. If you are among the latter, there are a few excellent alternatives.

Nivea is another German shaving cream that also performs excellent, offers great value for money and smells (subjectively) better.

TOBS Avocado has also generated some polarizing opinions with regards to its scent; being completely different from the spicy smell of the Speick, it could be an excellent alternative. It is inexpensive, lathers like a champ and performs great

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  1. Having used Speick for the first time today I can heartily concur with your positive comments. I’m one of those who love the scent, so I like it even more! 🙂

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