Nivea Shaving Cream Review

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Pros: fantastic value for money, excellent performance, close and comfortable shaves, recommended for sensitive skin

Cons: the scent may seem a bit generic, no other packaging options

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Nivea is a German company with a long tradition in personal care. Founded in 1882, it has been around for a long time and has an extensive line of products for men.

I’ve always had a soft spot for lesser-known brands that make outstanding products with great value for money. Even though Nivea is one of the most popular and widely used shaving creams in Europe – you can find it at any grocery or drug store – it’s not that popular in the USA. And that’s a real shame as it really is a great product as you’ll see in this review.


This shaving cream is available only in a 3.4 oz metal tube. The packaging is typical Nivea, with a navy blue color scheme and minimal graphics. The price per ounce is fantastic, especially for the pack of 3.

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This has got to be one of the easiest-to-lather shaving creams you can find; it only needs a small amount of water to explode into a wonderfully thick, creamy and dense lather.

Just a small dab of product the size of an almond is all it takes to make enough lather for three passes. It is absolutely effortless to lather and even the most novice of wet shavers will have no problems with this one.


Once lathered, the scent is classic Nivea: a spicy, manly fragrance that has a warm vibe to it; it’s not the Speick type of spicy, very stringent and soapy, but milder one, similar to Tabac. It almost has a trace of vanilla in it.

I enjoy the scent, but having used this cream for many years I don’t find it particularly exciting or special. The scent is not the main reason for using this cream on a regular basis.



Performance-wise, the Nivea shaving cream is on par with some of the best creams I’ve ever used. The lather resembles the ones I get from expensive tallow-based soaps in terms of slickness, density and cushioning. It softens the beard and allows the razor to glide smoothly on the skin and cleanly cut the hairs.

I feel very confident whenever I use this cream with a very sharp blade like Feather or Bic as the protection it provides is top notch.

The closeness of the shave is remarkable and so is the comfort. Throughout the three passes the lather didn’t dry down and maintained its texture and hydration.

I strongly recommend this shaving cream to gentlemen with thick, coarse beards or sensitive skin.

As for the downsides, I really can’t seem to find any significant ones. I suppose the scent, while pleasant, it is a bit dull and generic. But that’s just my personal opinion.

Also, there’s no other packaging option aside from the 3.4 oz tube. Actually, there is an aerosol can, but you should really pretend it doesn’t exist. I tried it in my early wet shaving days and there’s no comparison between the two. Just stick to your brush and cream, make your own lather and enjoy your shave.

5 thoughts on “Nivea Shaving Cream Review”

  1. Cheap, easy, comfortable and slick. After trying several soaps and creams I always come back to this one.
    I recommend it to everyone !

  2. It is very good. I also use the can jel which is also excellent. I’m back and forth from a straight to a Gillette pro glide to an electric by Braun and Panasonic. I’m thinking about trying the musgo classic. The price gets me but I’ve paid more for shaving soaps. Nivea is inexpensive and the stuff is as good as anything I’ve ever used and I’ve used most of the high end offerings.

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